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Unicorn News Archive

January 2015

bullet Veg News Dec 30th 2014  

December 2014

bullet Veg News 27th Nov 2014 bullet Veg News 13th November

October 2014

bullet Food and Flora: Farming, Land Use & Biodiversity  

July 2014

bullet Co-ops Fortnight Competition!  

October 2013

bullet Food Sovereignty - Reclaiming the Global Food System  

July 2013

bullet Co-operatives Fortnight 22nd June- 6th July 2013  

June 2013

bullet New Unicorn Film bullet Real Nappy Week

December 2012

bullet Co-operatives United bullet Steady State Manchester Launch

October 2012

bullet Meet the Co-operatives - Monday 24th September bullet Manchester Film Co-op is back – first FREE screening 11th Septem
bullet Free Punjabi cooking classes, Sunday 23rd September bullet FREE 4 day commercial horticulture course this Sep and Oct.
bullet Edible Gardens Open Day in Manchester - Saturday 15th bullet Chorlton – Big Green Living Streets meeting
bullet Celebrate Organic September with Bud Garden Centre bullet Big Dig for Housing Associations - 27th September
bullet An evening of film and discussion about a community in Rossport bullet A weekend of food-related activities throughout Didsbury

September 2012

bullet Food & Drink Festival nomination and events  

August 2012

bullet 'Growing Unicorn Grocery' Film bullet Help 8th Day get Tesco licence refused
bullet England on a Shoestring bullet Green Bike Oil
bullet Co-op Smile Tour comes to Unicorn bullet Enjoy the new garden and some free food - Fri 13th July 4-6pm

July 2012

bullet Moss Brook Land Army call-out!  

June 2012

bullet Chorlton Open Gardens bullet STIR to Action
bullet Unicorn on Film! bullet Unicorn goes Ecomaths
bullet Student Survival Kit - cooking lessons for soon-to-be students bullet New tills - thanks for your patience!
bullet Co-operative Art Competition  

May 2012

bullet GM on Toast? bullet Climate Change Day - Connect the Dots in Manchester
bullet Help Glebelands double in size with the Land Army - Thurs May 17  

April 2012

bullet We are recruiting! bullet Just Change
bullet An economy for the 99%: bullet Want to be a Farmer?
bullet Occupy our Food Supply bullet MOSI exhibition and Unicorn

March 2012

bullet Job Advert - Are you a Veg Person?  

February 2012

bullet Manchester Veg People bullet The Rise of the Supermarket in India

January 2012

bullet Making Local Fruit Work  

December 2011

bullet Co-op member jobs bullet Peoples' Republic of Energy - Vote Now and make it happen!

November 2011

bullet Autumn Newsletter bullet ¡Viva México! Film Screenings
bullet Vegetarian Xmas Dinner bullet Meet the Growers
bullet Hunger For Justice bullet Customer Survey - Win a hamper! (Maybe)
bullet Unicorn Food and Drink Festival events in October  

October 2011

bullet Moss Brook Growers Open Days bullet Food, Co-operation & Community in the North of England

September 2011

bullet Unicorn's 15th Birthday bullet Moss Brook Growers August Update
bullet Car park back to normal bullet Feeding Manchester website
bullet Zapatista Film Screening Thurs Sep 1st  

August 2011

bullet Food Speculation Campaign bullet Feeding Manchester Conference and Social
bullet Bicycle repairs while you shop  

July 2011

bullet Land Army Needs You!  

May 2011

bullet Just Change Teaparty, Sat 14th May bullet Bank Holiday Opening

April 2011

bullet Cheque payments ending 30 June bullet Wild Carrot launch event

March 2011

bullet Making Food Fair event  

February 2011

bullet Community hydro plant investment opportunity bullet Bananas

December 2010

bullet Leaked memo on Asda's supplier practices bullet La Via Campesina Denounces Gates Foundation
bullet Cracking Good Food Christmas classes  

October 2010

bullet Food and Drink Festival Events bullet Food & Drink Festival Events 1st-11th Oct
bullet Cracking Good Food cooking classes  

September 2010

bullet 8th Day is Forty! bullet Handmade Bakery couse in Italy
bullet Co-operative Fortnight 19 June - 3 July bullet Farm Open Day

July 2010

bullet Glazebury Farm Open Day  

June 2010

bullet Allotment Guide bullet New bread from the Handmade Bakery
bullet Are supermarket bloomers pants? bullet 450,000 EU for citizens for more GMO research and rising
bullet Volunteer photographer needed  

May 2010

bullet Supermarkets always cheaper? Think again.... bullet Unicorn soup now available to take home!

February 2010

bullet Banana campaign  

January 2010

bullet Return your deli pots.... bullet Unicorn on Radio 4 Food Programme
bullet TALKChorlton Consultation begins 28th September  

December 2009

bullet Unicorn's ‘Meet the Producers’ evening  

November 2009

bullet Organic food gets a raw deal from the FSA bullet Chorlton Meadows Campaign
bullet FSA - Food Safety Watchdog or Industry Attack Dog? bullet Monbiot's town threatened by Tesco
bullet Future of Food online debate  

October 2009

bullet Do we really need to ban plastic bags? bullet Manchester Food and Drink nominations
bullet Sainsbury can make more money by throwing away food bullet Plans for massive superstore – just not cricket!
bullet Oil boom threatens the last orang-utans bullet Supermarket suppliers 'helping to destroy Amazon rainforest'

August 2009

bullet Living Roof Film bullet Fuelling a Food Crisis - The Impact of Peak Oil on Food Security
bullet Garden Tools On The Shelves bullet Minister Benn Puts On Chemical Warfare Costume
bullet The Pigs' Revenge bullet Brazillian priest calls for action on Amazon soya

May 2009

bullet Neoliberal economics = suicide, literally.  

April 2009

bullet Global Crisis : Organic Response  

March 2009

bullet Loanstock offer - invest in Unicorn's future bullet Unicorn Land Project
bullet Unicorn wins Radio 4 Best Local Food Retailer Award! bullet The Co-op Resurgence - featuring Unicorn!
bullet Industrial Society, meet wall bullet Seed swap at Unicorn

February 2009

bullet Roots and greens are where it's at... bullet Organic farming 'could feed Africa'
bullet Soil Association urges ban on pesticides to halt bee deaths  

January 2009

bullet Adventures with soya milk  

October 2008

bullet Soil Association Organic Apprenticeship Scheme bullet Terence Blacker: Reasons to be cheerful about the credit crunch

September 2008

bullet Best Local Independent Shop! bullet Tales from the Riverbank – August 2008

August 2008

bullet Unicorn land project! bullet Frank comment from Riverford Organics

July 2008

bullet Taking eating local to a new level bullet Monty Don turns eco food champion
bullet Brookburn kids visit our living roof bullet Shop news
bullet Unicorn veg grower wins national award bullet Adventures With Soya Milk

May 2008

bullet Love Food? Hate Waste! bullet The flower chain
bullet Green Revolution Part Deux bullet Organic farming and climate change
bullet What's different about our bread? bullet UK Food Supply, Storm Clouds On The Horizon
bullet Loony vs Mainstream by Jonathan Porritt bullet Wheat prices surge to new high
bullet GM to feed the world? We think not.  

April 2008

bullet Tesco News Spring 08 bullet Defra sell-out

November 2007

bullet Brazilian land activist killed bullet Competition Commission Reports on Supermarkets

October 2007

bullet Farewell to a Food Hero  


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