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CarisheaThese lovely products are formulated with gentle oils to nourish and protect baby skin lightly fragranced with chamomile and mandarin essential oils which are said to be mildly antiseptic and calming they are free from any palm oil and derivatives, contain no foaming agents or preservatives just saponified vegetable oils, glycerine, water and essential oils.  Carishea are the products of Traderight International who ensure that the ingredients and products are sourced and manufactured in an ethical way.

Carishea works with co-operatives in Ghana where Shea nuts are ‘wild crafted’ & ethically harvested by women working with Trade Right International, who employ & empower people from deprived communities. Choosing to buy Carishea products supports a new form of social business.

Carishea believe in paying fair wages and return profits into valuable education and community development programmes, buying Carishea products make a difference to all.

The Coconut oil is sourced from Liberia & taken to Ghana by road, it is shipped, along with the Shea butter, to Trade Right International’s Scottish facility, a ‘holistic social business’, where people excluded from the labour market are employed & empowered to handcraft the products into luxury soap & cosmetics. As well as this, Ghanaian women working with Trade Right International can produce up to one bucket of Shea nuts in just over five days which could be worth £0.10 per kilo in the market.

CarisheaCarishea Baby, chamomile and mandarinBaby Bar 100g £3.99 offer price £2.99: formulated with unrefined shea butter, coconut, sweet almond and sunflower oils,

Carishea Baby Balm   100ml  £5.99 offer price £4.99: a rich double whipped balm of unrefined shea butter with sweet almond oil, rosehip oil, sunflower oil, and essential oils of  marigold, chamomile and mandarin.

Carishea Baby Wash  250ml  £5.99 offer price £4.99: A moisturising baby wash containing saponified oils of shea butter, castor oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, glycerine and the essential oils of chamomile and mandarin.


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