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4% Nyamambuka Abaiterene Widows Union (NAWU) - are a group of Ugandan widows living with no or very limited sources of income, who have come together to provide mutual support.

4% Re-Cycle and Ability Bikes Cooperative, Ghana - sends donated bikes from the UK to organisations in Africa, finding a new purpose for the disused bicycles languishing in sheds and garages.

1% Food Sovereignty Movement UK - is part of a global movement fighting to reclaim the food system.

4% Rainforest Foundation UK and Centre for the Environment and Development, Cameroon - are working with the Centre for Environment and Development in Cameroon to support several communities threatened by the expansion of the palm oil industry.

4% Tree Aid - support communities to manage forested areas, to plant more trees, and to sustainably harvest food and other tree crops in the drylands of Africa.

1% Boaz Trust - a charity working to relieve the suffering of destitute asylum seekers in Greater Manchester.

1% Farmstart Manchester - aims to bridge the gap between volunteering with the Land Army, and becoming a commercial organic producer.

4% Permaculture Institute of El Salvador, Central America - founded by small farmers who wanted to stop the progress of destruction to their environment and way of life.

1% - Abundance Manchester - local community project that harvests fruit and veg.

4% Latin American School for Agroecology - the mission of these schools is to engage and train the movements’ youth to provide technical assistance in agroecology.

4% Billy Riordan Memorial Fund - established in memory of the founder's son, it has set up several projects for the Malawi village.

4% Zaytoun - established in 2004, to import olive oil from Palestinian farmers at fair trade prices.

1% - Chorlton Green Festival - is a not-for-profit festival that celebrates all things Green.

1% - Climate Camp - equips participants in the skills and knowledge needed to take action against climate change.

1% Treesponsibility - non profit community group working on ecological restoration and education work.

1% Women's Environmental Network - 'Cultivating the Future' project - working with disadvantaged and Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) women.

  Some of the projects we support

4% - Soil for Life - Established in 2002, Soil for Life assists Township communities in South Africa to overcome hunger and poverty through the establishment of food gardens. 

4% - NEED Burma - Burma’s Network for Environment and Economic Development works with people across all ethnic groups to build a stronger civil society that empowers rural communities to develop sustainable futures.

4% - CELUCT - have been working for over 20 years to create sustainable, agro-ecological farming practices to tackle food insecurity in Zimbabwe.

1% - Middlewood Trust - The Middlewood Trust is based in Lancashire and was set up 30 years ago to provide education and research into sustainable living and food production, low impact lifestyles and ecosystems.

1% - St. John's Sunshine - is a community co-operative in Old Trafford which generates solar energy for a community centre and uses the revenue to benefit local people.

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