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Nut Roast


If youíve heard stories about nut roasts being dry and boring, donít worry this recipe stays nice & moist. You canít beat a good old nut roast and theyíre great for energy and are packed with protein. Serves 4.


1 small onion
2 large mushrooms
1 large tomato
1 stick of celery
10ml olive oil
2 tsp rice flour
90ml water/stock
1tsp dried rosemary
1tsp dried thyme
30g almonds
55g hazelnuts
30g cashews
115g cooked rice, millet or quinoa
Ground black pepper


Finely dice the onion, mushrooms, celery & skin & dice the tomato. Sweat the onion in the oil until soft. Add the mushrooms or celery & cook for 2/3 mins. Stir in the tomato, cover & simmer for 3 mins. Sprinkle on the flour & cook for 1 min, stirring continuously. Gradually stir in the stock or water. Add the herbs & cook for two mins.

Grind the nuts roughly & add along with rice & pepper.

Pack the mixture into a loaf tin, cover with foil & tuck the edges under to secure tightly.

Steam for 45 mins above a pan of boiling water or pressure cook for 15 mins

Serve with stir fried kale or Cavolo nero and a variety of roasted vegetables. This can also be made in advance and frozen.


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