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Beetroot and Bramley Soup


A filling soup for 4 thatíll last 3-4 days in the fridge.


5 medium raw beetroots (whoppers take a lot longer to cook)
2 medium onions
2 tsp margarine
2 bramleys, peeled & quartered
1 litre veg stock
2 star aniseó1 tsp caraway / cumin seeds
A few splodges of sojasun for serving
Some chives / salt & pepper


Roasting the beetroot gives a sweetness that works perfectly with the tart bramleys, but if youíre in a hurry, you can quarter the time by peeling and grating them raw, then sweating them with the onion base (or cheat and buy ready cooked!)

Pre heat the oven to 200/400F/Gas mark 6. Put the beetroot onto a baking tray with 1cm deep water. Cook for 1-1.5 hrs until a knife meets with little resistance, then take them out and run under cold water to cool down, then peel.

Put a wide, thick-bottomed pan onto the heat and melt the margarine in it, along with the spice seeds. Over a medium heat, sweat the onions, taking care not to let them colour, with the spices. Keep lid on.

Core the apples and chuck in with the onions, then the chunks of beetroot. Pour over the stock, bring to boil, add the start anise, season and return lid.

Once boiled, simmer for 15 mins, pick out the star anise , then blend until pureed. Serve with chopped chives and with a dollop of sojasun yoghurt .

Adapted from the Guardian


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