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Pitta Bread


Notes: This recipe is tried and tested. May puff best in the
oven but watch to be sure it doesn’t catch. Or try on the BBQ to impress your friends. Also if using Wholewheat SR Flour you need to add a bit of water to get a pliable dough as the original recipe is for white flour. And if If doesn’t rise, eat as a flat bread!


750g self-raising flour
400g soya yoghurt
pinch salt & dash of sweetener

Scales, measuring jug, bowl, wooden spoon, tea towel, rolling pin


1. Put the flour in a mixing bowl
2. Add the pinches of salt & sugar
3. Fold in the yoghurt gradually with a spoon
4. When it’s mixed, take out of bowl and knead it with your hands.
5. You should be able to pull the dough off your fingers.
6. Add more flour if the mixture feels too sticky.
7. Put back in bowl & cover with tea towel to 'prove' 20 mins.
8. When ready: Put grill on a high heat (take the rack out).
9. After 20 mins of 'proving' -pull off small balls of dough and roll
them out into teardrop shapes
10. Put under grill 3-5 mins – or less for a very hot grill
11. Alternatively you can place the dough balls on a baking sheet in the
oven at around 180C for 3 – 5 mins watching that they do not burn.
12. Then they are ready!


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