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Watermill's Bread


Watermill's very easy recipe for one 500g loaf of bread.


350g (12 oz)
Strong flour (plus 1oz to knead with)
1 tsp dry yeast
A pinch salt
10 fl oz (310ml) water ( boiling cold)


Mix dry ingredients together first then pour on the water and mix together, this will make a very sticky dough.

Put a generous handful of flour on the kneading area and knead gently for a few seconds so all the dough is covered in flour. Leave to rest 5-20 mins.

Knead again lightly (just a few seconds).

Mould dough by creating a flat rectangle the length of your tin, rolling it to fit. Place dough in the oiled tin. The tin should be about 2/3rds full.

Let the dough rise until it makes a dome over the top of the tin, and bounces back when you touch it.

Bake at 220C (425F or gas mark 8) for 25 mins.


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