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Rough Guide to Roasties


We roasted all of the varieties of potatoes we regularly sell and ate them side by side for a taste and texture test.

This guide is by no means definitive as it caused so much debate between all involved but hopefully it will help in making the right roasty choice for each individualís taste. Below are the varieties we thought worthy of roasting.

Roast Potato Varieties

Mildly sweet flavour.
Chip shop chip like texture, some waxyness but not the smoothest texture.

Arran Victory
Good flavour.
Great floury texture without being too dry.

Creamy and pleasant taste.
Almost perfect texture and balance between waxy and floury.

Isle of Jura
Super floury, earthy roaster.
Lady Balfour
Really sweet and full of flavour. Densely waxy and comforting, almost pumpkin like.

Sweet, great flavour, slightly earthy. Smooth texture.

Tasty and creamy. Smooth texture with a hint of flouryness.

Sweet with a wonderfully smooth texture. Donít need gravy to carry them they can hold their own


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