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Unicorn Nut Roast


For something between a just-add-water packed and a made-from-scratch nut roast, why not try dressing up Unicorn's Nut Roast mix?

Here are a few tried & tested ideas...


-Soak some sun dried tomatoes in water over night then use the water to mix up the nut roast, adding in the chopped up soaked tomatoes, pine nuts and fresh or creamed basil

-Add the Organico cooked chestnuts, chopped up and fried with some onions in olive oil

-Add a stuffing mix of your choice, plus a few broken cashews to jazz it up

-Using our frozen pastry, make a a vegetable type roulade by rolling up a nut roast/stuffing mix and fancy bits in some pastry and cooking that... This is however unbelievably filling as part of a roast dinner!

The possibilities are endless, get experimenting!


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