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American Banana Pancakes


One member has a UK vs USA Pancake-Off on Pancake Day (or any given weekend day). Remember, American pancakes are cooked thick, which means you can add ½ cup blueberries, raisins, chocolate chips, desiccated coconut or whatever you fancy to the batter. Measures are by volume, 1 cup = 240ml (approx. one mug).


1 1/2 cups flour (try ½ cup wholewheat and 1 cup white)
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tsp baking powder
1 cup mashed bananas (1 large or 2 small)
1 cup soy milk
2 T melted marg
Oil for frying


Whisk together flour, salt, cinnamon, and baking powder in a large bowl. In another bowl, mix the bananas, milk and marg. Add the wet ingredients to the dry ones, and stir to just combine (don’t over mix).

While batter sets for a couple minutes, heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Once the pan is hot add a ¼ cup batter for each pancake. Cook until bubbles begin to form and the edge looks a little dry. Flip and cook for another 2-3 minutes.

Remove to a baking tray in a warm oven until they are all cooked, then sit down and enjoy, topped with marg and maple syrup. …Or toss them on the table as you cook them, and eat a few with your fingers while standing & cooking the rest!


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