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Shortcrust Pastry


Allow 45 minutes to prepare (including 20 mins to chill). Some people use from-the-freezer vodka in place of half of the water for a flakier crust, as it evaporates whilst baking.


225g wholewheat flour
115g margarine
4-5 tbs iced (or very cold) water


Put a few ice cubes in a jug with a little water.

Put the flour and the margarine in to a large mixing bowl, quickly use your fingers to rub them together until itís a breadcrumb like texture Ė do this as quickly as possible, itís best not to let the warmth of your hands melt the margarine.

Gradually pour 3 tbsp water into the bowl and toss the mixture around.

Next try to compress the mixture (squeeze together) if it holds, squeeze into a ball, then put back in the bowl & into fridge for 20 mins / if it doesnít hold add a couple more tbsp of water before putting into a ball.


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