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DIY Chocolate


There are millions of recipes online, this is just one. The variations are infinite. You can use silicone moulds if you don’t like the ‘rough’ look.


70g cacao (or cocoa) powder
60g cacao butter and 70g coconut oil
65g sweet freedom, agave, or other syrup
Pinch salt
˝ tsp vanilla


Melt together cacao butter, coconut butter, coconut oil, sweetener, and salt over a double boiler (or a metal bowl on top of a pot of boiling water). Once everything is melted, stir in cacao powder and vanilla. Stir vigorously to combine. Pour into a standard bread pan lined with parchment paper and set in the refrigerator. Slice into cubes, dust with cacao and enjoy! Store in refrigerator for weeks, or freezer for months.

Use any of these, combine elements to taste, or make up your own!
-Replace coconut oil with peanut (or other) butter, and mix through handful of cocoa nibs at the end
-Replace vanilla with almond essence, and place toasted whole almonds in the finished bread pan before chilling
-As above, but with orange essence and walnuts halves
-Mix through toasted hazelnuts and mixed dried cherries at end


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