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Granola No. 2


This basic recipe can accommodate infinite variation. Feel free to vary the nuts, seeds or syrup as desired, or swap the vanilla for other flavourings like cinnamon or almond essence. Some people also like to add a handful of dried fruit after it comes out of the oven. Combinations include coconut, almond and cherry; or maple, walnut and cinnamon.


2 mugs jumbo oats
½ mug cashew pieces
¼ mug of pumpkin and sunflower seeds (mixed)
3-4 tbsp rice syrup
2 tbsp coconut oil
½ tsp vanilla extract
Pinch of sea salt


Preheat the oven to 180C
Use your hands to mix together all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Don’t worry if the coconut oil is solid, it will melt as you mix everything together
Spread the mixture thinly on a baking sheet and pop into the oven for 10 minutes until lightly toasted.
Leave to cool and store in a mason jar for up to 2 weeks


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