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Kale Caesar Salad


Delicious and savoury. If you don’t fancy the kale massage, just pour a kettle of boiled water over it, then drain before it cooks too much


100g cashews, soaked overnight, drained and rinsed
1-2 cloves garlic and 2 tbsp capers
45ml olive oil
170ml water and 2 tbsp lemon juice
70g cashews and 2 tbsp yeast flakes
250g kale, washed and torn or roughly chopped into bite-size pieces
1 tbsp each olive oil and lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Homemade croutons:
225g stale bread (ideally sourdough) in ½” cubes & 60ml olive oil


Toss bread with 60ml olive oil & pinch salt. Toast at 160C, 30-40min.
Puree soaked cashews, garlic, capers, ½ tsp pepper and pinch salt. Add 45ml oil in a slow stream, pureeing throughout. Add water (less if desired) and 2 tbsp lemon and blitz again. Taste for seasoning and set aside a few hours so dressing thickens & flavours develop.

Pulse unsoaked cashews, yeast flakes and a pinch salt until crumbly.

Massage kale 5min with remaining tbsp. oil and lemon juice, plus a pinch of salt (and a couple tbsp. dressing if you want). It should turn bright green and soften. Mix dressing (if you have some leftover, freeze what is left). Serve sprinkled with yeast flake mixture, croutons and a lemon wedge.


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