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Warm Rhubarb Salad with Almond Pesto


When most of us think of rhubarb, we envision stringy stewed rhubarb with mountains of sugar, rhubarb crumble, rhubarb and custard, or those strange cube shaped sweets that were half red and half yellow.
Think again! In this recipe, tangy raw rhubarb combines with the softer flavours of the potatoes and the almond pesto to create a mouth watering savoury dish that is really easy to make and looks sufficiently fancy to impress your friends.

We think once you’ve tried this recipe, you’ll start to see the savoury potential of this great British fruit (or veg?). Rhubarb soup anyone?


For the Almond Pesto:
200g blanched almonds– you can use the flaked ones
2-3 cloves of garlic
Generous handful of fresh parsley
4 tblsp olive oil

For the Salad:
4 or 5 medium size potatoes (any variety) peeled and cubed
Another 4 tblsp or so of olive oil
Tsp chilli powder
A stick of rhubarb sliced thinly– remove any stringy outer bits
3 or 4 Spring Onions chopped up
A couple of big handfuls of Rocket


First make the pesto by putting all the pesto ingredients together and blending to make a paste.

Heat the olive oil, add the chilli powder and saute the potatoes in a frying pan until golden brown on all sides.

Taste a bit to check it’s soft enough. Mix in the pesto and the other ingredients and serve. Enjoy!


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