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Seaweed Salad with Coarse Grain Mustard


Contributed by a Unicorn member. Quantities are not exact as he, like many of us, tends to judge amounts "by eye". The mustard works well with the saltiness of the seaweed and helps to bring out the flavours. Enjoy hot or cold.


Pack of "Spaghettti" Seaweed
500g-1kg Potatoes (preferably a waxy variety- see our potato-meter in store!)
Dollop of Vegan Mayo
2-3 Onions, diced
Coarse Mustard to taste


Pre-soak the seaweed. Boil or steam the potatoes. Gently fry the onions. Mash the potatoes and add vegan mayo. Add this mix to the onions and heat gently. Mix in the seaweed- it should turn from dark green to light green. Add mustard to taste.


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