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Soups, the one pot wonder. Once you have the basics soup is a great way of making a budget meal out of your larder. Thick or thin, warm and comforting. Make a huge pot and freeze some for another day to save on the cooking energy.

When the season is short of fresh ingredients fill your pot with pulses and grains and bake a loaf of bread to dip in to a big bowl of simple goodness. Soup, great food with less washing up.

Soup Recipes

Apple and Parnsip Soup
Apple, Celery and Chestnut Soup
Barley Soup with Haggis
Beetroot and Bramley Soup
Borscht (Seasonal Rooty Soup)
Butternut Squash and Sweetcorn Soup
Caldo Verde Soup
Carrot and Jerusalem Artichoke
Carrot, Tomato and Coconut soup
Cauliflower and Peanut Soup
Celeriac Coco-Chilli Soup
Chervil Soup
Chestnuts with rice
Coconut and Pumpkin Soup
Courgette Flower Soup
La Soupe au Pistou
Rhubarb Soup
Smokey Squash Soup
Spicy Pumpkin and Roast Pepper Soup
Split Fava and Leek Soup
Swede and Cardamon Soup
Winter Warmer Soup

Soup Ingredients

Bean Mix


Recipes List

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Nuts & Seeds
Sweet Things



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